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Preserve Your Capital Through Leasing


Managing current and future equipment acquisitions through our leasing program is the smart way to keep your cash working properly. Your business expansion depends on your choices: where should you spend your capital most effectively? Leasing equipment provides you the choice to spend your capital on business growth.

ELS customizes equipment financing plans to suit your particular business and prospective growth. Using both our internal resources or the resources of our many partners provides a seamless equipment leasing plan for your business. 

Why Lease?

  •  Provides the lowest possible cost for the equipment you need
  • Allows you to keep bank and credit lines open for expansion and unforeseen expenses
  • Stay current with up to date equipment and technology.

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Equipment Leasing Services

We provide responsive, competitive lease/financing services for your business. Providing great communication between all parties involved helps our customers understand and choose the best possible financing solution.

Since 2000 ELS maintains an excellent track record of providing of superior service. Our repeat customer base speaks for itself. We do a great job and have a vested interest in your business success.

ELS is highly respected with the banking and financial marketplace: a position we have earned since opening our doors. This respect means that our lenders and partners provide us with offering a variety of leasing options. In turn, this provides our customer a truly individualized plan for their equipment financing requirements. Our experience and expertise in the leasing marketplace is what keeps our customers coming back.

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